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Cylinder type

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Steel cylinders are divided into welded steel cylinders and seamless steel cylinders according to different processing methods and design pressures. According to the different internal media, it is divided into civil liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, ordinary industrial gas cylinders and dissolved acetylene gas cylinders. According to the design pressure: high pressure (300, 200, 150, 125kgf/cm2) and medium and low pressure (80, 50, 30, 20, 10kgf/cm2). The high-pressure gas cylinder must be a seamless structure, and the welded gas cylinder is used to contain low-pressure gas. At present, my country's steel cylinders (cylinders) are divided into: seamless gas cylinders (aluminum alloy gas cylinders), welded gas cylinders, liquefied petroleum gas, dissolved acetylene gas cylinders and special gas cylinders.

Cylinder accessories generally refer to bottle caps, bottle valves, fusible alloy plugs and shock-proof rings. From the operating mechanism, the bottle valve can be divided into six types: pin type, sleeve type, hook shaft type, needle type, diaphragm type and ball pressure type; classified by material, it is divided into copper valve, steel valve, etc.; according to gas The filling state is divided into permanent gas bottle valve, liquefied gas bottle valve, and dissolved gas bottle valve; from the sealing form, it can be divided into metal seal and non-metal seal.

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